Will Getting A DUI Affect My Ability To Get Scholarships Or Financial Aid?

It is important to note that getting a DUI in college is not just  considered a criminal offense. It also has a number of social penalties  that are associated with it. You can be denied admission to a school, denied a job by an employer, or denied the ability to rent an apartment solely based on your criminal history. Let us say that you happen to bypass the hurdle of getting into college or perhaps you are already in college. How does a DUI affect your financial aid or scholarships? A life altering charge like this impacts some types of aid, but not all types. Getting a DUI in college is still a huge issue on college campuses and there are a few factors at play here when it comes to scholarships and financial aid such as:

  • Whether you’re seeking federal aid or private aid
  • Whether you’re currently incarcerated
  • If your DUI is considered to be a felony
  • Whether any drug charges or manslaughter charges are associated with your DUI
  • Whether this if your first DUI
  • Whether you received it on campus (which likely means it goes through the Dean of Students Office which would help you out).

Jail & Aid

If your in prison aid will be restricted. Some types of aid are given to other applicants before they would be given to you. However, this varies depending on what state you’re in,  and if you’re in state, or federal prison.

If Your In Fed or State Jail

County Jail

  • Not eligible for federal student loans
  • Eligible for a Pell Grant, FSEOG, Work-Study

Felony DUI and Federal Student Aid

If you have a felony again, it is going to be tough as most fed programs avoid giving aid to those with items on the background check. Since some DUIs can be prosecuted as felonies or in some states are inherently considered felonies this is often tough for a student to overcome.

Alternatives To A DUI Charge As A Current Student

If you receive a DUI on campus, and you are placed in a special program through the Deans Office you still may be able to keep your financial aid and scholarships. You must abide by all the rules of the program and adhere to anything they put in front of you. Such programs are more so provide a chance for a student to redeem themselves without it being a permanent blemish.

Drugs and Aid

Getting a DUI in college is a hurdle to overcome, but, you must understand a DUI itself is not considered a drug charge. You must first finish your FAFSA. This document will help to identify if you are really eligible or not and will even give you info on how to be reinstated for aid.

Other Types of Scholarships and Financial Aid

All of the restrictions previously mentioned only apply to federal student aid. Many non-government scholarships have their own criteria when it comes to criminal backgrounds. All applications for aid will usually ask for you to explain any criminal issues you have had in the past.

Getting a DUI in college is not the end of the world. If you need assistance or advice you should contact a DUI attorney. You should also understand what a DUI attorney actually does. If this is your first DUI you should know what to expect and if you want information on what to do next time your faced with a DUI you should know how to handle the situation. If your reading this article for your child, we have additional information on how you may be able to help them out.

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