Montana Government attorneys and Montana Military attorneys: Admission

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Montana also does not require or currently have special admission rules for government attorneys licensed in other jurisdictions to be able to practice as Montana government attorneys because they do not allow admission on motion in general. Check out Montana Pro Hac Vice Rules for admission on a specific matter.

Military Attorneys

Article I, Section 3(b) of the State Bar of Montana By-Laws allows active military service members to practice law in Montana. Military JAGS are different then Montana government attorneys. For a JAG to be admitted in the state of Montana they:

  • Must be admitted to practice in another state jurisdiction (min of two years)
  • Be employed full-time by a government entity
  • Engage in the active practice of law
  • Adhere to the CLE requirements
  • An employer statement that indicates that the future employee will work for the employer as an attorney providing legal services
  • Sworn statements that there has not been any violations of the ethic code or sanctions brought against the attorney in any other jurisdiction where they are barred.