Louisiana Bar Exam General Admission Information

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The Louisiana bar exam is the longest bar exam currently in the United States. It takes three days (a total of 21.5 hours) and consists of nine-parts. State law is tested on the exam.

Louisiana Written Exam
Newly-enacted legislation will not be on the Louisiana bar exam until six months after they have become ratified.

Topic areas tested include:

  • Louisiana Civil Code I, II, and III (Monday)
  • Civil Procedure, Torts, Business Entities (Wednesday)
  • Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence, Federal Jurisdiction (Friday)
    • The first five sections are known to those taking the exam as "code sections" The last four are known as "non code sections".

Louisiana Bar Exam Testing Schedule

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Exam Dates and Application

Louisiana Bar Exam consists of three days of testing and occurs twice a year. The testing generally occurs on the last Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of February and July.

Grading & Passing Score

Each subject on the exam is worth 100 points. Subjects that are considered code subjects are worth twice as much as those that are considered non-code subjects. A bar applicant must receive a minimum of 650 out of 900 to pass the Louisiana bar exam. Pass rates🙂 Louisiana bar exam appeals are not allowed. A examine may take the exam a maximum of 5 times before they are required to ask permission from the board to take it again.