How To Study For The Bar Exam In One Month

How to Study for the Bar Exam in a Month

We highly advise against individuals who wish to study for the bar exam in one month. However, we all know that life happens, things come up, and you may have no choice but to study for the bar exam in one month. With only a short period of time, you must focus on the highly tested areas of law. Below we present how to do so efficiently in such a small window of time.  

How to study for the Bar Exam in a Month

How to study for the MBE in a Month:

There are 4 crucial things you must do if you are studying for the MBE in this short period of time: 

  1. Focus on the highly tested areas of MBE law. Such as, negligence in torts, hearsay in evidence etc. Forget about putting too much of an emphasis on RAP and future interests in the behemoth of Real Property. Such smaller subjects take up too much time to study for and are not worth as many points on the MBE portion of the exam. We advise that you look up the most highly tested MBE issues and study those. 
  • Its best to have an expansive picture of the law on the MBE, so do not ignore any of those areas.
  • Memorize! When you are studying for the MBE portion of the exam the biggest thing is memorization. Study one subject at a time until you believe you are close to mastery, and review and review before moving on to the next subject. Then go back and continuously review the previous subjects you covered. Focus on the highly tested areas of law when you memorize. 
  • Use real MBE questions. You have probably heard this before but this cannot be said enough. While a Barbri or Kaplan book may have useful questions, real MBE questions will help you really get a grasp of the questions Bar Examiners like to ask, and the language they use to phrase their questions. 

How to study for the Essay portion of the Bar Exam in a Month:

  • Again, focus on the highly tested areas. If you are in a uniform bar exam or multistate essay exam jurisdiction Bullet point some essays to get familiar with them. Although it is important to write out full essays for timing and to get a true feel of the exam, once you have completed what you feel like is a certain number completely, feel free to create sections and bullet point essays to save yourself time. We recommend doing this with the full IRAC method. 
  • We highly recommend you engage in a minimum of one three-hour timed exam and if you struggle with timing, you will be better prepared. After you evaluate yourself take another one sometime later. 

How to study for the MPT portion of the Bar Exam in a Month:

Do not ignore the MPT portion of the exam. While most bar takers believe this is the easiest portion of the exam, not being prepared for it, especially timing wise can negatively impact your final score. Remember, if you are in a UBE state, it is worth 20% of your score–the same as 70 MBE questions!  Set aside at least two half-days to only focus on the MPT. Then memorize MPT formats for each type of MPT. Look over MPTs and write out answers. Make certain that you are timing yourself. 

Final Tips:

  • Consider getting a tutor, this may help fast track your studying…
  • Take into account your areas where you need to apply extra time. If you struggle with timing, focus on that, if you struggle with memorization or key rules focus on that portion. Whatever you are struggling with make sure to fully understand what it is you are struggling with and start immediately putting an emphasis on improving it.   
  • With that said, do not make the mistake of only focusing on their weak areas. The bar exam is a game. To study for the bar exam in one month you need to study smart. But do not forget, you do not need to score equally well on all portions, just make sure you get enough points to get that PASS!  
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