Reporting A Police Officer For Misconduct: What Your Report Should Consist Of

Report A Police Officer: What Should Your Report Consist Of?

When a citizen feels wronged by a police officer and wants to do something about it questions often arise about, “how to file a police complaint?” “what do I do if I need to report a member of law enforcement?” Here at are her to answer those questions!

Report A Police Officer for Misconduct: Document Everything

To effectively report a police officer for misconduct everything must be documented! You and you alone must control the content of your complaint when reporting a police for misconduct. When you report a police officer be wary if a police supervisor encourages you to give an oral report request that it be in writing. In addition, you should make your own written version of the complaint. Then sent it certified with a return receipt for your records to the internal affairs office of the police station in question when reporting a police officer. We suggest a written version of your account because its harder to dispute at disciplinary hearing and in a future lawsuit against the city or the officer than a verbal response.

Your complaint should consist of the following elements both for the disciplinary board to understand all the facts of the situation and if necessary in a civil lawsuit, that your future attorney, the judge, and the jury can also have a written record of the events from your point of view. This evidence could be crucial at trial. Make sure your report is professional, void of emotion, is spelled correctly, and that you make a copy of it for future use. When reporting a police officer, if necessary, do not hesitate to contact an attorney before you file the report. The attorney may also suggest that a civil lawsuit is a potential route in addition to the filing of the report when reporting a police officer. To report a police officer make sure your report has the following information. If you’re looking for the actual process and the avenues and steps your complaint will go through, and how to file the report check out our article giving your details here. The ACLU also has some additional information that you may find useful. You can find their information here.

  • Actually claim wrong doing by the officer. If you have observed the officer engage in similar or any other type of misconduct before be sure to mention it.
  • A request for a formal investigation
  • Whether the conduct of the officer could in the future endanger the community
  • Inform the board when it occurred (make sure that you submit the report if the misconduct was minor within a timely manner such as 30-60 days of the incident but within 4-6 months if it was a major incident)
  • Make sure you contact and/or mention corroborating witnesses in your reports, ask them to submit a separate report, and if they are also filing a report make sure your stories are not in conflict.
  • If you have any additional hard evidence and the agency requests to see it, make sure you receive a receipt for it. Submit evidence with your report if possible so your initial case is stronger.
  • If you happen to send your report by email make sure to carbon copy you’re a local politician or state representative so they have a record of it and so that the board reviewing your case takes it serious.

The US GOVT has also discussed police misconduct. You can find their take at their website here.

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