Are Radar Detectors Legal?

Can Radar Detectors Be Legally Allowed In Cars?

For all those drivers who pay insurance, keep up to date on their car registration, and making sure all their other driving documentation is up to date loathe speeding tickets. Many drivers turn to radar detectors (RD’s) in an effort to avoid speeding tickets. RD’s are placed in automobiles by drivers in an attempt to detect whether a police vehicle is close by. Most RD’s can only detect doppler devices, and work in a way where they warn the driver through some type of alarm that a police is nearby before law enforcement finds that they are speeding, giving the driver the opportunity to slow down. Be warned there are various devices the police use, that your RD will not be able to locate.  The device is generally attached to the front dash. Since most of these devices can be purchased for under $150 many drivers are highly interested in such technology.

What Happens If Your Pulled Over By The Police With A Radar Detector?

The only issue is that if you get busted going over the limit with a RD, officers usually count the radar detector as a warning, and will more than likely give you a ticket. The rules for RD’s differentiate depending on the jurisdiction you are in, so you should know if they’re legal where you are domiciled and wherever you may travel. So make sure to look up all the laws in your specific jurisdiction. We have another article indicating the radar detector laws of each state. You can find that article here. It will provide you the current regulations regarding radar detectors for a majority of the jurisdictions. If you want further information on the types of legal detectors you can use we found a site that is pretty helpful here.