Minnesota Law Professors & Minnesota Law Student Admission

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Minnesota does not have special admission rules for Law Professors to practice law. As long as the professor is licensed to practice in the state they are allowed to practice. 

Minnesota law student admission to practice on a limited bases however, does require a student to meet certain requirements. 

A student must first request a right to practice.  

Law students and recent graduates may participate as part of:

  • Legal Aid Clinics and Defender Offices. Under the supervision of a Michigan Bar member, law students and graduates may staff public and non-profit defender offices, legal aid clinics that are organized under a city or county bar association or an accredited law school, or for the primary purpose of providing free legal services to indigent persons.
  • Legal Training Programs. Law students and graduates may participate in legal training programs organized in the office of county prosecuting attorneys, county corporation counsel, city attorneys, and the Attorney General.

All such programs and clinics must be supervised by a licensed Michigan attorney.

The Minnesota Board of Law Examiners administers the Student Practice Rules. Law students who meet certain criteria may be certified as student lawyers.

Certifications expire after 12 months or terminate if one of the following events occurs:

1. Certification is withdrawn by the dean, unit, agency, organization, or supervising lawyer;
2. Certification is terminated by the Board of Law Examiners;
3. The student is placed on academic probation by the law school;
4. The student does not take the first bar exam following his or her graduation (certification terminates on the first day of the exam);
5. The student takes but fails the bar exam (certification terminates upon notice to the dean and the law student of such failure); or
6. The student takes and passes the bar exam and is admitted to the bar.

Law students may be recertified for additional 12-month periods. See Student Practice Rules for details. If recertification is not requested, student names will be removed from the list after 12 months.