Is Carrying a Baton Legal? The Laws and Regulations in Each State

A baton is a club generally used by police to subdue criminals, or to protect themselves through a non lethal measure. The use of Batons by police has been heavily scrutinized, starting first with the use of the instrument during the Civil Rights era in the 1960’s and of course the Rodney King Case. However, when used appropriately batons, billy clubs, telescopic batons, bludgeons etc. can be great tools for self-defense.

Is Carrying a baton legal: Where Are Batons Legal?

Many states in the United States have made carrying a baton legal a pipe dream for a regular citizen and only grant the privilege to law enforcement. States that do allow the possession of baton’s generally make their use illegal if used in an inappropriate manner, such as offensively against another person or to damage property. Interestingly enough, many state laws do not specifically indicate if expandable batons as illegal. Many state laws regarding baton’s are old and suggest that either any baton is outlawed, or that just a club or bludgeon is outlawed. Some states however also do indicated that expandable batons are illegal. Its safer outright to not carry such a sophisticated baton however if the state says certain types of batons are illegal.

Is Carrying a baton legal: Batons and Self Defense

In addition, any State where a baton is legal, it can only be used in a manner associated with self-defense. It cannot be used in any way that would cause death, and one should not target another’s head or neck when using a baton.

Which States Are Batons Legal: Concealed Carry

Below we have listed the current legality of open and concealed carry of a baton in each of the 50 states. Please note, some of the laws are vague and have certain regulations that allow or disallow the carrying of a baton. It is important to look at their actual laws when determining if possessing a baton in public is legal. Moreover many of the states also have required a permit is necessary to carry a baton in public. Even more important is that some of the states that allow concealed or open carry only allow such a right when a permit is required. It is important to check your specific state law to get more details upon your states specific law. If you want to know about knife legal regulations check here, or pepper spray legal principles check here.


State Carry-Open Carry Concealed
Alabama Legal Legal
Alaska Legal Legal
Arizona Legal Legal
Arkansas Vague Vague
California Illegal Illegal
Colorado Legal Legal
Connecticut Illegal Illegal
Delaware Legal Illegal
District of Columbia Legal Vague
Florida Legal Illegal
Georgia Legal Legal
Hawaii Illegal Illegal
Idaho Legal Vague
Illinois Vague Vague
Indiana Legal Legal
Iowa Legal Vague
Kansas Legal Illegal
Kentucky Legal Illegal
Louisiana Legal Vague
Maine Legal Vague
Maryland Legal Vague
Massachusetts Legal Legal
Michigan Vague Vague
Minnesota Vague Vague
Mississippi Legal Legal
Missouri Legal Vague
Montana Legal Illegal
Nebraska Legal Vague
Nevada Illegal Illegal
New Hampshire Legal Legal
New Jersey Illegal Illegal
New Mexico Vague Vague
New York Illegal Illegal
North Carolina Legal Vague
North Dakota Legal Illegal
Ohio Legal Vague
Oklahoma Illegal Illegal
Oregon Legal Legal
Pennsylvania Vague Vague
Rhode Island Illegal Illegal
South Carolina Legal Vague
South Dakota Legal Legal
Tennessee Illegal Illegal
Texas Illegal Illegal
Utah Legal Legal
Vermont Legal Legal
Virginia Legal Vague
Washington Legal Vague
West Virginia Legal Legal
Wisconsin Legal Illegal
Wyoming Legal Vague
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