Are Tasers Legal In My State?: Answers about the carry and use of Tasers.

Are Tasers Legal: Is It Legal To Carry A Taser?

Tasers are general used for self-defense and protection. Tasers also known as stun guns, are used routinely by Police Officers and the military alike to subdue uncooperative suspects that pose a danger to officers and the community. The question many citizens have is whether a Taser is legal? Taser’s are legally able to be used in all 50 states by law enforcement.  When used appropriately and in the right manner a Taser can be a beneficial tool, especially because it tends not to cause death(or has a lower risk of causing death) than the use of  a firearm. Taser’s and similar types of guns are not firearms.

Are Tasers Legal In My State?

A Taser can only be owned legally by a normal citizen in 45 of the 50 states.  In addition, there are a number of states where the sole possession a Taser is considered a crime. So be careful if you see any signs in your state that say “Tasers for sale”, purchasing one is likely illegal in those states as well.  The states that consider the possession of a Taser as illegal include Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island. There are also a few states that only allow the possession of a Taser or a similar device in limited circumstances. For instance, the state of Connecticut prohibits citizens from carrying a Taser or stun gun on their person or in their vehicle. However, they are allowed to own them.

Again we repeat:

45 of the 50 states allow Tasers to be owned by law-abiding citizens. Some of those 45 states have additional requirements as mentioned above. In case we can’t emphasize this enough at the time of this article:

Are Tasers Legal in Hawaii? NO!

Are Tasers Legal in Massachusetts? NO!

Are Tasers Legal in New Jersey? NO!

Are Tasers Legal in New York? NO!

Are Tasers Legal in Rhode Island? NO!

Are Tasers Considered Firearms?

Taser Guns or stun guns are not deemed by the states as firearms. Law enforcement can legally use such weapons in all the states. They can be legally owned by citizens in 46 states. But when it comes to consumer use and possession, there are a number of states where citizens cannot possess a Taser, including the states of  Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey,and Rhode Island. There are also a few other states that require citizens to register their Taser or obtain a permit or license to carry one. It is very important that a person wishing to carry a Taser on their person consults with their specific state laws. A simple search of (Taser’s in the state of XXX) should help bring up the appropriate law and regulations. So yes, if your state allows Taser’s it is legal to carry a Taser.

Is It Legal To Tase Someone?

In all states that allow the possession of a Taser however, a Taser can only be used for self-defense measures. So yes, an it is legal to Tase someone. If a Taser is used for any other purpose than for a justified self-defense situation, or defense from an immediate act or threat of violence, than it will be considered an illegal use of a weapon and the user could be charged as having assaulted another person or that they have committed a battery upon that person.  This can lead to both criminal and civil penalties. If you’re wondering if its legal to carry an air soft gun please check our article here.