How To Avoid Getting A Traffic Ticket

How To Avoid Getting A Traffic Ticket

Rule #1: Don’t Speed

Everyone speeds, that’s a fact. However, is the penalty or cost of speeding worth it. The answer is no. Speeding very rarely even gets you to your destination faster, especially if you have to go through an area where there is a lot of traffic. We have all seen the jerk that speeds on the roadway just to end up at the same light as us, after we were going the speed limit or even below it. Extra speed is not worth the penalty. If you want to pay for speeding tickets, a higher premium for insurance, and potentially have to face lawsuits for striking another car or pedestrian then speeding may not be a bad choice for you. No speeding = no traffic ticket.

Rule #2: Don’t Drive A Unique Vehicle

So you don’t speed, and you always buckle up, but your still getting pulled over. It’s likely your being profiled because you drive a purple Mercedes-benz with 24 inch rims. From a legal standpoint you could file a harassment suit but basically there’s not much you can do if the police decide to profile your vehicle because of what it looks like, or in fact even for your race in the United States unless you have some type of solidified proof. Instead go get a 2002 grey Toyota Camry. Just kidding, but making sure your vehicle complies with the laws of all the states will go a long way.  To avoid getting a traffic ticket don’t drive a crazy neon green car.

Rule #3: Don’t Cry, Flirt, or Attempt to Bribe the Police Officer

Never, ever, ever attempt to smooth talk, cry, flirt, or do anything special to get out of a ticket. Pleading with a police officer or berating them, or complaining about a ticket rarely helps. Also, refusing to sign a ticket will not help you either. What you should do is be cool, calm, and collected. Make sure you are respectful. Police have the power to simply give you a warning instead just explain to the officer your version of events and be polite and respectful. To avoid getting a traffic ticket don’t try to use your jedi mind tricks on the officer.

Rule #4: When in Doubt, Take the Ticket

If your ever in doubt about what is exactly in your car just take the ticket. As we have mentioned in other articles, the police are able to lie or trick you into believing that if your searched then they will toss your ticket. So if they as for your consent to take the car, refuse, take the ticket, and ask if your free to go. You can always fight a traffic ticket in traffic court. But fighting a criminal charge in criminal court is very, very, difficult. To avoid getting a traffic ticket, or additional tickets just take the first ticket and shut up and be on your way.

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