Divorce FAQ: Questions & Answers For Kids and Adults

Our site has gotten a number of questions from kids in regards to certain things regarding a divorce since our last informational post…or perhaps people pretending to be kids. Nevertheless whether you’re a kid of or whether you’re a grown adult just looking for some quick answers you’ve come to the right place. We’ve decided to do a three-part series answering some of the questions received as simple as we could possibly put it. These divorce faq (frequently asked questions) are easy to understand. It’s important to note however, that any questions we cannot answer here a well-practiced divorce attorney, child custody attorney, or a family law lawyer (they are all the same thing, some lawyers like to use different names) will likely be able to answer. Divorce attorney’s are very well-trained in the nuances of divorce proceedings. Many divorce attorney’s also tend to give free consultations so be on the look out for such offers as well.  

Divorce FAQ #1: Hey What’s Separation Mean? And What’s a Separation Agreement?

Separation happens when parents have come to an agreement to not live together. This does not necessarily mean they are divorced. Parents tend to get separations instead of divorces for a number of reasons including ease of sharing funds for the children, ease of still sharing bank accounts,  sometimes its easier than a divorce. Although they could get a divorce later down the road.

A separation agreement basically is an agreement between two parents that they agree to separate. It also lists the rules or guidelines of the separation and the rights of each parent.

Divorce FAQ #2: Can you explain Divorce? Do I choose A parent to live with?

Divorce is like splitting an apple. The apple that is now split in two is no longer together. That is what divorce is. It is the end of marriage, and allows parents to be single once again. A child does not choose which parent they live with, but they may have some say to which parent they would rather live with. The court will ultimately decide.

Divorce FAQ #3: What about me? What happens to me when there is a divorce?

Parents with either assistance from the courts or attorneys will make important decisions. Such decisions usually pertain to access, money, and custody of the children. (Custody means either legal, or physical custody, or even joint. Legal custody relates to which parent gets to make the legal decisions for a child. Physical custody relates to which parent has the child reside with them. Joint custody means parents share both legal and physical custody of the children).

Please keep in mind that divorces can be very quick and only take a few months to be completed by the court or could take up to a year or longer.

Divorce FAQ #4:  Wait…Where Do I Live When My Parents Separate? Does this mean I have to move?!

After a divorce or separation parents will usually live in separate homes in most families. The children will live in either of the parents’ houses or could live in both parents houses.

The courts heavily favor not upsetting a child’s life during a divorce. In most divorces the child will not have to move or leave a school district, will get to stay in the same house and so on.

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