What can I do to help my child facing a DUI?

When a minor is arrested for a DUI a number of variables are in play. Teenagers and 20-year-olds are new to the substance of alcohol and do not truly understand how it may affect them. They take more risks, experiment more with how much they drink as well. This means a lot of younger people tend to get behind the wheel of a vehicle, not understanding all the repercussions that are inherent in such a decision.

Unfortunately, it only takes one mistake to have a negative impact on their life. If a driver is under the age of consent for alcohol (21), they face stricter standards of driving under the influence than those over the age of consent. Courts do this to purposely show younger individuals the harsh penalties that can occur if they do not obey the law. Thus, it is up to a parent, legal guardian, or mentor to protect them. You should adhere to the following in doing so:

  • Understand the penalties facing your child
  • Understand the life altering consequences
  • Obtain Professional Legal Help

DUI Penalties for Underage Drivers

Underage drivers face similar consequences as older and more experienced drivers. Many states also have a zero tolerance standard. This means if your pulled over at all with alcohol in their system its an immediate  DUI. When a minor is arrested for a DUI charge it usually comes with the following consequences:

  • One year suspension of driver’s license
  • Fines of $200 or more
  • Three to five years of probation
  • Possible jail sentence up to six months

If your child tends to have prior criminal offenses or if someone is killed or there is property damage as a result of the DUI than they may face harsher penalties. Prosecutors tend to rely on 3 laws when pursuing charge against a minor (only one of these charges is needed to put a DUI mark on your kid’s record)

  • Alcohol in the body (minimum of .01% BAC)
  • Getting behind the wheel with minimum of .05% in the body in the system;
  • Getting behind the wheel above the age of consent level of  .08% BAC.

Life Altering DUI Consequences

The impact of a DUI include but are not limited to :

  • College rejection
  • Employment challenges
  • Financial hardship

It is vital that you understand what a DUI attorney actually does.

What Can I Do? It’s Time To Play D.

A good DUI attorney does not let it get to this point. As in they do not let it go to court. Instead they try to settle for a better deal. When a minor is arrested for a DUI the best thing to do is to get a well versed attorney.

Several Tactics Successful Attorneys Use:

  • Connections with prosecutors.  A good DUI attorney will have a working relationship with the prosecutor.
  • Knowing the judge.  Judges view DUI’s differently. Some are more forgiving than others. Your lawyer will tailor arguments to the attitude of the judge in question.
  • Overturning evidence. The case against your child depends on proof that they were under the influence, usually established through a breath test, blood test, and anything the officer noted in his report. Your DUI lawyer can request data on the tests to determine their validity.