Car Accident With No Insurance: What Now?

Accidents happen everyday. However, when you are involved in a car accident with no insurance it can be an expensive issue and you should be wary of what can happen. If you want a more detailed encounter of what you should no about not having insurance when in a car accident check out our more comprehensive article here. This article will just give you quick options if you just got in an accident and are looking for what to do and do not have insurance.

Options When the Accident Occurs

If you have insurance and are injured or your car takes damage from an uninsured person it will be tough to recover from them. Is someone is uninsured it’s mostly because they can not afford it. It is possible to recover by seeking legal action against that person, but you likely will be responsible still if they can not pay. Most insurance companies would go to bat for you however so do not fret you will still recover something, many states in fact require this.  Contacting your own insurance company or car accident attorney following an accident is important as that person can quickly review the options and if you are covered.

After your accident you should always contact the police, you should not move the cars, even if it was a case of hit and run. Check our lists of Dos and Don’ts after a car accident for more in-depth information on what to do after a car accident.  and the vehicles not moved, even in the case of a hit and run. Most importantly, (after you make sure no one is hurt, and take pictures and try to identify witnesses of the incident) contact your insurance company.

Being the Uninsured Driver

If you are the uninsured driver, this next piece of information might become off-putting to you but you should still adhere to it. It is important for you to involve the police and obtain a written police report in order to protect your rights.  If the accident was in no way your fault, and the other person was insured, then his policy will be responsible for your damages to your property and any injuries you may have.

On the other hand, if you’re the driver at fault, you still need that police report. It is possible that the other driver may sue for damages. If they do they will personally sue you. It is possible they may allege  if the accident was a result of something you did, and will try to come after you financially, thus it is still important to have a written statement. If contacting an attorney is possible you should do so. Getting into a car accident with no insurance, and being sued is no joke.

Depending on the type of accident, a payment schedule may be negotiated through the other driver’s insurance company to show good faith. As the uninsured driver, you may only be required to pay the deductible if the other driver’s policy indicates it.

Regardless, if you are insured or uninsured you should consult an attorney  in order to understand the process further and should completely understand all the issues that arise in a car accident.

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