Can You Go to Canada with a DUI?

No. Not unless you take certain legal steps first. Many countries can revoke your entrance into their domain if you are convicted of a DUI.  Canada’s rules on DUI convictions and rules and regulations surrounding them are not well-known. As a result of this many U.S. citizens are told they cannot legally enter the country.

Canada’s DUI Rules

Canada considers DUI convictions and violations of alcohol or drugs serious offenses. In some ways they are more serious than the United States. As of this writing, Canadians with a DUI on their record can enter the United States, but the opposite does not always happen.

  • Being the driver does not matter, passengers must can be refused entry (bus, airplane, ferry).
  •  Exception’s are possible
  • All DUI history is relevant, regardless of felony level or the age of it

How Will They Know?

Before 9/11 Americans and Canadians were able to freely enter and leave each others domain. So if you had a DUI it was not a huge issue of whether you could go to Canada with a DUI, but they are checking now with computers. It is not too intrusive. And your rights are not impacted because they do not apply. If you’re entering Canada your rights are only what they decide to give you as your are not a citizen of their country. That is why treaties and government executive agreements on foreign policy are so important. Anyhow, the background check only takes a matter of seconds. Anything that would show up to a US law enforcement officer if he/she pulled up your information (license ID number, passport number, birth certificate, social security number) will show up for the Canadian border patrol. Again any will show up.

 If You Want To Go To Canada With A DUI

  • Understand what happens when you get a DUI
  • Do NOT lie or attempt to deceive the border patrol.
  • Asking your homies to cover for you, unless you do not want anyone to get in.
  • Different border entries won’t help ya, each failed attempt is kept on record.

How To Get In Legally?

Even with a DUI conviction on your record you can still get into Canada. You of course, have to go through some document filings first. Step 1, get a DUI attorney to throw you an assist. Do not jeopardize your ability to get into Canada. Make sure an attorney assists with your document filing.

Three methods for getting in to Canada with a DUI are:

  • Getting your DUI expunged in the US. If your DUI is expunged Canadian border officials will not see it on your record, or will not hold it against you if it does show up. Courts and government entities can still see it, but the regular public cannot. For further information on this, feel free to contact a Canadian visa office about your DUI history and whether having a DUI expunged would assist you in getting in to their country.
  • Getting a Canadian Waiver. Of course, there are certain elements and criteria you must meet before the Canadian government grants you such a pass such as “0” violations since your last infraction for the last couple of years or not infractions since.
  • Temporary resident permit.  You you must have a specific reason and timeframe for entering Canada. For instance, you would honestly have to tell them you were in the country for business, what the business was, contact information for associates in Canada, what city you will be staying, and the length of time (45 days) that you would be in the country for.
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