Buy A Breathalyzer

The greatest thing  to do is to purchase a Breathalyzer for yourself. Do your research on the top breahtalyzers on the market. Amazon has a couple of fairly priced ones. At first it might seem like paying any amount of money for an alcohol monitor is absurd, but at times when you don’t or can’t trust yourself or someone else who has been drinking to drive it’s a sure-fire way to check yourself. When most people first blow into a police Breathalyzer, which by the way we recommend you never do, it is their first time ever having to blow into such a device. It is not logical to determine if you are under the influence or not by seeing how you feel. Police do not give DUI’s simply based on feeling. They do it based on your actions, and the reading from a machine such as a Breathalyzer. The Breathalyzer you purchase will give you a better indication of whether you can legally drive or not. Not all of these devices are 100% accurate and you should not  rely on them before getting behind the wheel, but it still gives you a reference, so you can see where you are sobriety wise. You can use it after happy hour, use it after family get-togethers, and even if you do not feel drunk you may be surprised to see high your alcohol level actually is. It may also help you see how your body reacts to alcohol at different levels. The most valuable lesson you might find is that how you feel has nearly no correlation to the level of your BAC. Sometimes you may feel you are extremely intoxicated and blow a .03. Other times you may feel completely fine and sober and blow a .3. This device comes in handy for the police and it can come in handy for you as well.

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