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 Our Philosophy

Our attorney contributors have practiced at some of the largest and most prominent law firms in the United States and often take leading roles in transactional and litigation matters across the United States.  What Lawyers Know is not a firm. Rather we are a collection of attorneys that have decided to give some of our legal expertise to the average citizen who does not have the fortune of having a lawyer friend, family member, or colleague close by they can ask for background legal information. Our attorneys possess the experience and intellect to educate users on key legal issues. The core of our  approach is an unwavering commitment to assist those in gaining simple legal knowledge to better comprehend their rights.

what lawyers know

Our Story

Our site is basic and plain for a reason. Its simply about getting information in the hands of the people as easily as possible. What Lawyers Know started out as an idea amongst a few attorneys at prominent law firms. They wanted to do this anonymously so that they could give people the cold-hearted truth while still assisting every day people in gaining knowledge about their rights. This knowledge could easily be obtained online from other sites, or by spending countless hours at the library, or by hiring a legal expert to relay to them the information they seek. Our attorneys believed that a majority of legal information is free and open for all and each individual should understand their rights. While we here at What Lawyer’s Know.com do believe every individual should consult with an attorney on legal issues, we decided to create this site to give our users a starting point and basic legal knowledge.


Since our content providers have full-time jobs as attorneys they understand that our users may have specific or complex questions that our common knowledge articles might not be able to answer. Please feel free to contact us at contact@whatlawyersknow.com for questions that you think others may have as well. Although we likely will not be able to answer your question to a specific nature as a result of the Model Rules which govern the legal profession,  we may make an article based on your question.